Attendance & Class Registration

Attendance and Class Registration

1. Stop by the Office to leave your deposit and schedule your appointment for class.

2. On the day of class, be on time. You must attend the full State- Mandated requirement in order to receive your certification.

3. Everyone must have picture ID such as valid driver’s license or photo ID. Baton students must bring a duty belt, under belt or other belt capable of holding your baton in its ring.

4. Firearms students must bring a valid driver’s license or photo ID, a birth registration, DD214, green card, or other proof of legal residency.

5. Paying for a class guarantees you a seat, not a passing grade. There are no refunds for classes or services.

6. All students are required to fill out non-refundable acknowledgement waiver upon scheduling all classes. If student fails to show up for scheduled class date and time, student automatically forfeits all fees paid. They will also be required to complete a Media Waiver due to the fact that all areas are audio and video recorderded for students safety & protection.

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