ECD/CEW Certified security professionals can reduce the risks associated with workplace violence by deploying Electronic Control Devices (ECDs) or Cundected Electrical Weapons (CEW) and utilizing field proven tactics based on training from more than 14,200 law enforcement agencies worldwide. Now there is an alternative for armed security professionals. When firearms are not an option for professional security, ECD/CEW devices can be the answer as an intermediate security level. Carry a ECD/CEW device for an advance level of safety and security. Look to achieve the level of ECD/CEW Certified Professional Security.

Security Officers don’t get paid to get hurt.
Operational risks and safety are a growing concern for all Security Officers. With ECD/CEW, Security Officers have a safer option to resolve potentially dangerous situations they may face on a daily basis. Security operations with deployments of ECD/CEW devices have reported de-escalations of situations where greater forced would have otherwise used.

Every Officer Deserves A Safer Job
The risks associated with wearing a uniform and enforcing policies and procedures can be great for every Security Officer. ECD/CEW offers a powerful and safer defense tool to subdue violent and disruptive individuals who do not respond to Security Officer Commands. These individuals pose a threat to the safety and security of business operations and can be incapacitated from a safe distance without excessive injury to officer or subject.

Saving Lives and Careers
Due to the unparalleled accountability of ECD/CEW devices, security operations deploying ECD/CEW systems could report significant drops in violence in the workplace. Further, the audit capabilities of ECD/CEW devices make it much easier to defend against frivolous lawsuits. Several security officers have reported their careers were saved from baseless allegations of negligence specifically because the data port downloads from the ECD/CEW device factually disproved the allegations.

Protecting Security Officers
ECD/CEW devices provide effective personal protection means without the finality of lethal force when security officers, who deal with the public community need options to effectively, manage potentially violent confrontations.

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